High Jewelry
Available in: 14k,18k White, Rose and Yellow Gold. Platinum.

Materials: Finest Metals – Gold and Platinum, Natural Mined diamonds, Precious Gemstones.

Category: Designer Necklaces, Statement Bracelets and Bangles, Fashion Bands, Statement Rings, Statement Earrings.

Custom design: Yes
We create one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from the finest quality of metals and gemstones, fit for your distinguished clientele – the high end boutiques, the glittering showrooms, the red carpet occasions and the favorite celebrities.
House of Spectacular Brilliance
Customized to Brands
Your search for the perfect manufacturer of Luxury Diamond Jewelry ends here. At Chandra Jewels we understand that High Jewelry represents the ultimate form of art and craftsmanship. We recognize the extra uniqueness that it conveys; the exquisite artistry it reflects; the class and luxury it exudes in the world of high fashion and jewelry. We offer to make it for your select customers.
Wearable Luxury
Beauty and Grandeur
Our Luxury Jewels epitomize sophistication, with meticulous attention to elements such as pattern, color, form, and texture, resulting in unrivaled grandeur and opulence. Each piece in our collection is a masterpiece in its own right.
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Materials Matter

Focal Point

Our raw materials are meticulously chosen. We follow a
careful selection process for choosing the finest quality
of metals, diamonds and gemstones.
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Customer Advocacy

at all times

Our highly skilled artisans undergo rigorous training
to create bespoke pieces, accommodating unique
customer preferences and special requests with finesse.
Automated Technology

Pristine Precision

We integrate cutting-edge technology for
precision in every step of the manufacturing
process and bring intricate designs to life.
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Fine Quality

Inherent feature

We adhere to strict international quality
benchmark implementing a rigorous quality
control process that focuses on the minutest detail to
ensure that each piece aligns with the luxury brand image and enhances the overall customer experience.
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We are more than just a Jewelry Manufacturer!

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