Fine Jewelry
Available in: 14k, 18k White, Rose and Yellow Gold, Silver.

Materials: Natural Mined Diamonds, Lab grown Diamonds.

Category: Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces.

Custom design: Yes
Fine Brilliance

Artistry at Work

At CHANDRA, fine jewelry is in a league of its own. It paves the way from inspiration to precision under the discerning eye of master craftsmen. From concept to creation, it is crafted for fine brilliance. We offer the very best – in quality, design and manufacturing technique. As a result, our fine creations retain their shine, durability and value for a lifetime.
Our Collections

Distinctive Styles

Explore our stackable rings and bracelets; layered necklaces, diamonds-by-the-yard and body chains; hoops, studs, drop earrings and climbers; color stone jewelry; tennis and fashion bracelets and more.
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Design Studio

Craft and Creation

Our in-house design team stays abreast with the on-trend designs and consistently incorporates design innovations while respecting timeless classics.
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Evolving Consumer Preferences

Design and Value

Our fine jewelry collection, at its core, represents a harmonious blend of
tradition and innovation, a unique fusion that defines the product’s enduring
nature and lifetime value.
One-stop shop

Daily Wear to Collectibles

You can avail a single window for selection. Regular product development has enabled a wide product range – from everyday wear jewelry to artisan fine jewelry, all under one roof.
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Custom Design

Sets You Apart

For those retailers who offer custom jewelry, Chandra’s Custom Design Service coupled with the Efficient Delivery System (EDS) enables you to cater to individual customer tastes and experience success in the fine jewelry category.
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Consumer Insights

Capturing Emotions

We provide tools to establish a strong digital presence with user-friendly website content, high-quality images and social media posts to reach a broader audience.

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