Genesis of Concept
At CHANDRA, every concept developed, provides an opportunity to weave a story. Each concept outlines the overarching theme, design elements, mood and purpose, providing a roadmap for effective design.

Our in-house design studio serves as a platform for innovation, experimentation and ground-breaking design solutions.

We recognize that need is the primary condition for every design. More than design, it is important to know the users. With the user in focus, imagination blends with purpose as ideas materialize into intricate design concepts. Collaborating closely, our design artisans refine and shape these ideas to breathe life into the intangible.
Design is Everything
Design is in everything we make, but it’s also
between those things. It’s a mix of craft,
engineering, science, storytelling and philosophy.
Once the concept is solidified, our designers bring it to life through detailed sketches and digital models.
Prototypes are meticulously crafted and refined, ensuring that the design seamlessly aligns with the envisioned product.

The selected material does not add a feature to the design – it reinforces it.

We select materials that not only meet design specifications but also adhere to our commitment to quality, sustainability and durability.

Spread over 8000 sq ft, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employs cutting-edge technology with best-in class machinery and skilled craftsmen. Every component of the piece of jewelry is crafted with precision, maintaining the integrity of the design throughout the production process.

14- days Delivery cycle

Our commitment to timely delivery ensures that your finished products reach you when and where you need them. We work with trusted logistics partners to guarantee a seamless delivery process.

A Cut Above

Rigorous quality checks conducted at every stage of production ensure that each product adheres to our stringent quality standards. From raw materials to the final assembly, we leave no room for compromise.

Marketing Momentum: Unleashing Creativity & Collaboration

Service Plus

Service Plus conveys our commitment to go above and beyond being just another Jewelry Manufacturer. The talented team of marketers, designers, communicators tailor solutions in print & digital marketing, visual merchandising, brand designing and product photography to engage your brand audience. The emphasis on the term ’Plus’ is a guarantee for enhanced customer experience through differentiated and customized offerings.

Positive Brand Perception

Marketing adds value faster
than it adds cost.

We are more than just a Jewelry Manufacturer!

Get distinctive product. Build your brand. Generate leads. Increase revenues.

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