Marc Samuels Jewelers, Texas

Project Deliverables


Project Summary

Marc Samuels Jewelers is a luxury jewelry retailer known for finest diamond jewelry; wedding & engagement rings; loose diamonds and luxury watches in Frisco, Dallas & Grapevine. The retail showroom showcases some of the best designer diamond jewelry and watch brands.

When we started work on their re-branding project, we wanted to make their brand relatable to the new age customer and at the same time retain their luxury appeal and dominance in the market.

The logo was key to this branding. We designed a new identity with an ownable brand mark. The letter M has been flipped and interlocked to create a unique, symmetrical shape that can be used as a standalone design element for branding. The logo creatively embodies elements from jewelry and watches. A combination brand mark coupled with thick and thin typeface –represents a powerful personality & creativity.

To finish off the branding, we chose rich tones of purple and silver that represents the philosophy of the brand i.e. luxury, power and elegance.  This re-branded identity is a visual promise of a new–age evolved jewelry and watch brand, inviting customers to experience the opulence themselves.

As a manufacturer and marketing partner for Marc Samuels Jewelers, we have the privilege of seeing their jewelry closely. We can see that it is not just gold and diamonds that make the difference but it is their integrity and passion

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